Christian Links  

Below are some of the many Christian websites on the internet. These have been submitted by Fourth Day members and have been checked for content. If you would like to add a link to this site or have a problem, please contact the webmaster.

Site Address

Submitted By

Content Bliss Scott Agape gifts and De Colores Items John M. Moreland Word of Life Church John Carroll Kairos Prison Ministry International John Carroll Kairos of Indiana Ken Fuller Walk to Emmaus/Chrysalis material John Preston A great online Bible Dictionary.

John Preston

Has links to listen on-line to many Christian teachers, links to so many other resources. Its amazing.

John Preston

A great online Christian bookstore.

John Preston

A great online music resource.

Art & Lora Ross

Louisville Christian radio station.


Listen live online. Has concert info.

Ruebin Nolt

Has a bible search engine


and great chat rooms!

Art & Lora Ross

Crown Financial Ministries - Larry


Burkett, reknowned Christian


financial counselor

Kurt & Stacy Greener

Like James Dobson? His site.

Ed & Julie Gornell

Uplifting stories with


beautiful graphics and music. The


stories you love probably came


from here.

Kurt & Stacy Greener

Know a verse, but not where it's


located? Search it here! Kurt & Stacy Greener Back to the Bible. You hear it on
    Christian radio, now check it out
    online. Has downloadable bible
    studies among other things! Martha Greene Email prayer partners, prayer room
    that needs chaplins to pray, daily
    bible studies Martha Greene Like the outline for TV teaching of
    Charles Stanley Martha Greene Billy Graham's website David Crane 24 hour prayer line, greeting card
    service, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's
    sermons. Also online magazine. Pat Byrd Christian Wear-Emmaus & Chrysalis.
    Great place to order shirts, especially
denim with embroidered logo.  They
have tees also, plus hats, aprons, etc. Drue Best III

Offers books, materials and daily emails with reference to the Christianity based development of our United States and its Government. Doug Powell Amazing Bible Dennis Green wonderful bible search and wonderful devotion guide