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                                                                                S. O. Journey #38                        December 29-31, 2017                      

 Girl's Flight #51                              February 17-19, 2018


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This is a group for Fourth Day of the Chrysalis community to get together and post prayer requests and be informed of upcoming events. When there is an upcoming event we will try to send out a message...




S. O. Journey #38

December 29-31, 2017

Preparation for S.O. (Simultaneously Occurring) Journey #38 is underway!  We are honored and humbled to serve the Lord and the Chrysalis community in this way.  S.O. Journey #38 will be held December 29-31, 2017. The theme for the weekend is "I Am," with our scripture taken from John 8:12-"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." Our theme song is "Great I Am," by Jared Anderson. We covet your prayers as we continue to pray about who the Lord has prepared to serve on this team.  Formations will begin in October.  Please, also, pray about sponsoring guys and girls, ages 18-24, never married. We are so grateful for you, our fourth day!

God Bless,
Chris Bearden (Guys LD) cbo1379.cb@gmail.com 812-631-8901

Chanda Mackey (Girls LD) chandamackey@live.com 812-486-5766




The Chrysalis Caterpillar Application is available at the bottom of the sponsorship page.


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