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                                                                               S. O. Journey #39                           December 28 - 30, 2018

                                                                                Girl's Flight # 53                              February 16-18, 2019


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This is a group for Fourth Day of the Chrysalis community to get together and post prayer requests and be informed of upcoming events. When there is an upcoming event we will try to send out a message.




S. O. Journey #39  



Journey #39 Team:
Lay Director Jeff Meece 812-686-3100
Lay Director Kristin Davis 812-639-3840
Assistant Lay Director Tanner McPherson 812-698-0188
Assistant Lay Director Amanda Bechtel 812-444-9897
Youth Assistant Lay Director Dillon Roark 812-698-0495
Youth Assistant Lay Director Phylicia Mendel 812-351-2170
Head Spiritual Director Ed Farhar 812-709-0777
Head Musician Chris Abel 812-631-9297
Head Musician Hannah Christenberry 812-361-8669
Head Liturgist Chris Jones 812-295-6068
Head Liturgist Krissy Melheiser 303-956-8823
Head Logistics Derek Freeman 812-865-6488
Head Logistics Katrina Wieneke 812-887-1106
Head Cook Mike O'Brien 812-630-4153
Head Warden Michele Rainey 812-698-3135
Head Weekend Helper Mark Tedrow 812-709-9181
Head Weekend Helper Amber Deno 812-454-8654
Head Agape Van Bearden 812-631-2098
Head Agape Debi Quade 812-631-0341
Board Rep Bryan Englehart 812-486-9148
Board Rep Eric Doane 812-247-3309



Girl's Flight #53

BIC Girls Flight 53 
February 16-18,2019
Theme is Fearless.
Song is Fearless by Jasmine Murray
Scripture is 2Timothy1:7
For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of self-control.

February is quickly approaching!  
We are so excited and truly blessed to be called to serve on this team.  What an amazing and blessed time!  
God has great plans in store for this weekend.  Lives will forever be changed.  God is calling upon you 4th Day, to be HIS hands and feet.  
To take the first step and seek out those young teenage girls sophomore-seniors, age 16-18.  They are all around you.  Sponsor! Sponsor! Sponsor! 

Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to experience this when we were that age? 
If you were blessed to have done so don’t you long for other teens to have that same opportunity? 

Be fearless! Sponsor a teen.  They are all around you waiting to be invited.  

God Bless You All!
Tish Doane, Lay Director 
(812)709-1740 usdoanes@aol.com
Lori Koerner ALD
(812) 486-7428
Courtney Fair YALD
‭(812) 582-4342‬




The Chrysalis Caterpillar Application is available at the bottom of the sponsorship page.


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