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                                                                                        Girl's Flight # 53                              February 16-18, 2019

                                                                                        Boy's Flight #54                              August 17 - 19, 2019

                                                                                        S. O. Journey #40                           December 28 - 30, 2019


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Girl's Flight #53

BIC Girls Flight 53 
February 16-18,2019
Theme is Fearless.
Song is Fearless by Jasmine Murray
Scripture is 2Timothy1:7
For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of self-control.

February is quickly approaching!  
We are so excited and truly blessed to be called to serve on this team.  What an amazing and blessed time!  
God has great plans in store for this weekend.  Lives will forever be changed.  God is calling upon you 4th Day, to be HIS hands and feet.  
To take the first step and seek out those young teenage girls sophomore-seniors, age 16-18.  They are all around you.  Sponsor! Sponsor! Sponsor! 

Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to experience this when we were that age? 

If you were blessed to have done so don’t you long for other teens to have that same opportunity? 

Be fearless! Sponsor a teen.  They are all around you waiting to be invited.  

God Bless You All!
Tish Doane, Lay Director 
(812)709-1740 usdoanes@aol.com
Lori Koerner ALD
(812) 486-7428
Courtney Fair YALD
‭(812) 582-4342‬

Team Responsibilities

Lay Director Tish Doane Priesthood Of Believers
Assistant Lay Director Lori Koerner
Youth Lay Director Courtney Fair Next Steps
Head Spiritual Director Kathy Stephens
Spiritual Director Emily Moreland
Spiritual Director Matt Koerner
Spiritual Director Darrell Bobe
Co-Head Liturgist Leah Hildebrand
Co-Head Liturgist Casey Himsel
Youth Liturgist Brianna Smith
Head Log Gretchen Wagler
Log Jessica Wright
Log Gabby Hyde
Log Taylor Stephens
Youth Log Brooklyn Fuhs
Head Warden Morgan Jones
Warden Natalie Meece
Warden Kim Williams
Warden Karlee Strahle
Head Cook Tricia Hall
Cook Patty Fuhs
Cook Shellie Fuhs
Cook Lisa Bauer
Head Musician Bonnie Pinney
Musician Erin Marshall
Youth Musician Loren Abell
Head Weekend Helper Nicole Bays
Weekend Helper Donna Rayhill
Weekend Helper Rachel Lorett
Youth Weekend Helper Claire Williams
Head Agape Ashley Bearden  
Agape Deb Rhoads
Youth Agape Isabelle Waggner  
Board Rep Dawn Holland
Asst Board Rep Taylor Stephens
Adult Table Leader Cassie & Brian Self Marriage Talk
Youth Table Leader Brooklyn Jones
Adult Table Leader Brooke Hawkins Communication Through Prayer
Youth Table Leader Loren Abell Growth Through Study
Adult Table Leader Shelly Williams
Youth Table Leader Sierra Schipp Christian Action
Adult Table Leader Shelley Bradley Faith
Youth Table Leader Kaylee Persinger
Adult Table Leader Denise Newland
Youth Table Leader McKenzie Norton Single Life
Adult Table Leader Emilee Bauernfiend Prodigal
Youth Table Leader Ainsley Rodrick
Adult Table Leader Angie Hatton
Youth Table Leader Chantal Miller Ideals
Adult Table Leader Brenda Donovan
Youth Table Leader Kaitlin Ellerman
Adult Table Leader Jamie Rollins
Youth Table Leader Ellie Langebrake



The Chrysalis Caterpillar Application is available at the bottom of the sponsorship page.


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